There are millions of Android based devices out there, and these are really popular among people all over the world. The Android itself is full of useful stuff most people do not know exist there, or don’t know how to find one. So, here you have – some of the best features Android has to make your life easier…

Best Android Tips to Make Your Phone More Useful

Change your locking timeout can be done in a pretty easy way. Your device has lots of security options to ensure people will not get your personal data in case you lose of your phone. But no matter which one you choose – a pin code one, pattern lock or face unlock option – unlocking it every time the screen turns off can be a real pain. In Security menu you will find an Automatically Lock option that is only active if you‘ve already chosen some type of lock. There you will be able to choose the amount of time that your phone will be locked at.

User info can help you find the lost phone – pin locks mentioned above are cool, but what if a good Samaritan finds your lost phone and wants to return it to you? You can find an easy way on how to setup your personal info like email and alternative phone number to the security screen.

This one can be found Security section – it is called the Owner Info, and any text you type here will be shown at the lock screen.

Controlling your data usage is essential and simple with Android’s ‘native’ tool. The Data Usage menu is usually hidden somewhere under the More heading in the menu, and most users to not know how to use its potential to the full.

Data Usage has the option of notifying you when you reach the data limit, but we all know that notifications are always late. You can set the limit for notification below your real limit and enable it with the checkbox. In the result you will see the point at the chart where your mobile data will be shut off.