Earning money is a hard thing, but managing it can be an even tougher task to accomplish. If you want to always keep a track of your money and cut down the extra expenses you can do without, technologies are there for you, and here are some cool apps for finance management you can use…


The idea they used for the Mint is not an innovative one, but they really polished it and made it boom. The best thing about Mint is that it gathers all your accounts together and breaks all the expenses into the categories so that you can easily set up your budget and start savings plan.

The Mint app will as well suggest the financial products you might benefit from based on your expenses, and you can check it whenever you need, either on you mobile phone or computer.


This app will be really helpful for the freelancer especially. It is a quick and easy way to gather all your finances, and also gives you an opportunity to create a brand-named invoice for your clients to pay at. With FreshBooks your client will have a chance to pay with credit card, PayPal and Google checkout, which is usually more than enough.


This one is a really simple and clean-looking web application for a better finances tracking – it can be used both for private financial transactions and business accounting as well. The Xero app will also try and match the downloaded transactions and identify all the unreconciled items and reconcile those when you need.


This is more than just an app that counts the money you spend – it is an FDIC-insured savings account with a sprinkle of useful techniques from management apps. The best thing about it (besides from the obvious ones) is the fact that with some time it will change your outlook on money and start having a save-then-spend approach towards money and buyings.