Taking into consideration that there are 1.3 million apps to choose from but the number of app active users is only 224 million, the companies are trying to do their best to capture attention of users and hold their interest. And the fact that with growing number of hours of mobile device usage the number of used apps grows just a little, is not that inspiring.

Pallid statistics says that 27 apps is a saturation point for consumers. As a result, company has to create an app that will enter the list of top 25 and that will make for success.

Here are some tips that will help you to improve the level of odds:

  1. Create a successful app that will be able to capture the audience. Take into consideration that around two thirds of apps are deleted within the first 30 days. To avoid that it is necessary to keep your audience engaged: offer fresh content, new features, improve user experience. Look through the ratings of your app and if something is wrong, solve the issue and update the version of the app.
  2. Use promotions. It is a psychological fact that people appreciate an opportunity to win prizes. Today mobile is a main media channel so it would be advisable to create mobile-specific promos where only mobile app users can participate in. As a result, users will feel that they have some unique possibilities that others don’t have. Engage users with gamification – for example, ask users to make and post selfies with your brand that will help them to get some mobile-exclusive deal.
  3. Use social hooks. Social elements in your app are among the main ones as three thirds of all installs of social apps are converted into registered users. But make sure first that content you use is easily shareable.
  4. Make mobile retargeting ads. This way of re-engaging your app is very effective as is has high clock-through rates and ROI.
  5. Push notifications are really effective when done right. Users should have a possibility to switch them off, otherwise, the advantage of these notifications will be lost.