All developers sooner or later jostle against a situation when uploaded application, successfully announced on the social media and positive reviews has low downloading rate. It can be explained on the example of Hollywood: the reason of success of a few stars is a massive work of casting directors. The reason of success of the application lies not in the work of developers (though, of course, it plays a great role) but in work of app market content editors.

Let’s face it, the most workable way to gain the popularity is featuring of the app. There are millions of apps, and the very possibility of selecting your app for featuring is a great success. As a result, your application will have a possibility to get around 50,000 downloads a day.

Of course, there are real masters of their craft, that create apps that quickly gain popularity thanks to top-notch quality and ultimate functional – however, there are not many of them.

Others can promote the app with help of these tips:

  1. Be unique. There is always a possibility that the new app looks similar to or slightly better than other apps in the category. Such apps will never get a chance to be featured. App that looks and acts different is ferosh. Test your app on your friends – do they like it? Would they use it on their gadgets frequently?
  2. An app should have a story. Well-told story creates an emotional attachment, mind that. Even if it is not a game, there is a possibility to tell a story – tell, why you created it and what inspired you on the description page.
  3. Know your time. Good timing is crucial – you have to expose your app in different outlets at the same time.
  4. Every app should have a home – create a website for it. Here you will be able to give an all-encompassing description of the app as well as take an advantage of SEO and link exchanges.
  5. Look through blogs and websites that belong to your niche – buy banners there, it is an effective way to get your audience.
  6. Use assistance of PR professionals or prepare press release yourself.
  7. Use contacts with app store editors.
  8. Use Stumbleupon’s paid discovery for Google Play apps.
  9. Your app should be free at launch in promotional purposes.