SEO is essential for the success of any business that has online representation. And like any other important thing, it requires thorough analysis and planning to achieve the best possible results.

The high rank in Google search results remains one of the most emblematic markers when it comes to the online efficiency of the website. This article deals with top ranking factors for Google in 2017 highlighted by Andrey Lipattsev, a Google Search Quality Senior Strategist. The most prominent significance still belongs to high-quality content and links that point to the website, but new twists added up.

seo trends 2017

Pallid statistics shows that links are more than important to the ranking level though various studies could not give solid support to that fact as page authority also has got the high rate. Actually, there are more than 200 factors that influence website ranking. However, recent studies based on the Quadratic Mean of calculation have proved that links per rating URL are the most important for the ranking of the website – they received 0.39 (in comparison, page rating got 0.27).

However, it is essential to get acquainted with other critical ranking factors and take advantage of them:

  1. The number of external links;
  2. Connection of anchor text with content of the page;
  3. Authority of the source of the external link.

Despite the fact that SEO specialists search for new productive ways to boost the rank of a particular website, relevant links are still the most workable way to level up the rank in search results.

That is why when it comes to planning your new SEO strategy, take into consideration the significance of proper link building. All links must come from relevant and reliable resources – otherwise, they will rain on your parade.

How to achieve the best results here?

  1. Select trustworthy link sources. Before you decide to use the source, make sure that it meets the requirements of the place worth working with and how users conceive this site;
  2. Use relevant links – when calculating page rank, Google search engine algorithm takes into consideration relevance of the links and their connection with content on the page.

Still, do not forget about the quality of content – only the combination of top-notch content with relevant respectable links provides the best possible result.

The importance of CTR and User Experience

Among other factors that influence the rank of your website, one can find the level of UE and CTR. Google takes CTR data into consideration when evaluating the rank, so improving it will contribute to the position of your website on the search results page. When you take care of convenience and the experience users get from your site, it will definitely be in the picture of the rank.

CTR also affects the position of your site, so it is essential to optimize it:

  1. There is an interesting and efficient method called bucket brigades – using words and phrases that motivate, inspire and engage users;
  2. Customize and improve your content. Do not forget about title and description and make it more specific;
  3. Add subheadings that improve the quality of texts, make them more readable and catch the attention of the readers.

Other interesting patterns to consider:

  • Get the most of Google Penguin;
  • Use real-time videos;
  • Augmented Reality Gaming.