Nowadays users should put emphasis on their online protection as there are too many cases of fraud, scam and other online dangers. With help of these useful tips you will be able to keep your Internet browsing safe.

10 Tips for safe internet browsing

  1. Do not use passwords that are shorter than 8 characters. The password should be hard to guess and it should not include Social Security number or any other kind of sensitive information. Moreover, any site you use for your financial accounts requires different user ID. So not add your PIN to password because, as a result, if one will be able to gain access to this information he or she will try to use this info.
  2. Take into consideration that any bank will ask you to share your PIN as it is confidential information. If you receive such email – ignore it.
  3. Never download and install email attachments or free software from unreliable sources. Usually such attachments include malware that perceives sensible information on the computer.
  4. Make sure that you do not include too much personal information to the social media. There is always a possibility that someone will try to use this information and steal your identity or to access your accounts. Privacy settings should be maximized to protect you from social media scammers.
  5. Look through URL of the sites you browse through. Extra s in https means that the site is secured. Such sites protect personal information of visitors so it is advisable to use them. Do not respond to the requests for personal information or calls for immediate action.
  6. Never follow the link provided in the message or email until you speak with sender directly and make sure that it was he who sent it.
  7. Use screen lock on smartphone. Also you can protect your personal information with help of password lock of the screen.
  8. Do not store personal important information and bank account numbers on the phone.
  9. Look through the list of personal data the app can get access to.
  10. Security software on your digital devices should be always updated.