Usually application management policies give a possibility to modify the functionality of the app that you can utilize in order to integrate the app with the company compliance and security policies. App management policies support devices that run Android 4 and later and iOS 7 and later…

To manage the app this way you have to associate the policy with the app deployment type (DT) and once installed, the settings you have specified will take effect.

In order to be able to restrict the app it is necessary to incorporate it with the Microsoft Intune App Software Development Kit (SDK).

To integrate SDK you should:

  1. Use a policy managed app that has the App SDK built-in. Look through the list of that apps given in the Managed apps for Microsoft Intune mobile application management policies.
  2. Use a “wrapped” app – the one repackages to include the App SDK.
  3. Develop and deploy an app with a mobile application management policy.
  • Create a wrapped app
  • Make a Configuration Manager app that contains created app
  • Make an app management policy
  • Set connections between policy and a DT
  • Monitor the app deployment
  • Repeat step 1

There are many sources that tell how to create a wrapped app – just follow them and you will be able to develop the app you need in no time.

The Configuration Manager Application calls for different approaches that depend on what you are using – an external link or an app created with help of the Microsoft Intune App Wrapping Tool, though all the performance in both cases will take place in the Configuration Manager console.

You are able to create a general or managed browser management policy that will modify the functionality of the app or allow or block URLs of the Intune Managed Browser App, also you will get a possibility to disable and prevent any backups or to transfer data to other apps and so on.

After the DT is created you have to link the policy with help of the Configuration Manager that will recognize the policy.

And finally, once the link is set you can resolve and policy conflicts in the Properties settings of the Deployments in the Configuration Manager console.