Mobile device management was considered to be the best approach to mobile management when enterprise mobility advanced to the forefront. However, that approach fell short of expectations. Tender-mindedness of the control-and-manage approach became obvious to the most organizations, however, the decision was made by those developers who were concerned with security of the important enterprise app and data so they didn’t take into consideration needs of individual devices…

Opportunities of the Mobile Application Management

Entrepreneurs found out that these apps have a great impact on the success of the business, so the necessity of rethinking the way of managing apps appeared soon. Nowadays mobile application management (MAM) is recognized as the better way to locate and download the apps by employees and monitor and secure enterprise apps without intruding employee’s personal apps and data.

In the future, the enterprise mobility will be focused on a business process adjustment. The apps will be customized according to the usage of the app, workflow of the employee, type of the project and way of collaboration with colleagues. Security measures will respond to these changes and mature in MAM.

In order to manage these new apps IT will have to be flexible and react according to the behaviors of the applications.

Employees will have a possibility to access business data on their own mobile devices in easy, convenient and secured way. As a result, the enterprise mobile apps will be easily adopted and will create a field for business innovations and unleash productivity of the employees as apps will enable them to become more entrepreneurial in their roles.