If you have decided to create your own mobile phone application, the following tips will help you get thoughts together and get down to making your idea come true.

Know the Market

No matter which business sphere you are going to aim, you should know the market, it rules and needs. Talking about the world of mobile applications, you should consider App Store and Google Play as top marketplaces in the area. Study the supply and demand, make notes on which products are ranked as hottest ones. Find out what customers want and try to satisfy their desire with your new hypothetical product.

Compare Your Idea with Already Existing and Successful Apps

Look at top charts of both markets and see which applications are most in demand. Try to understand what they do and how they attract customers. Your first future app should be almost the same. Don’t catch on your idea as the one, only and the best. If the market does not show that it is ready to pay for paper writing help, you should search another good idea.

Design and Explain

Cloud full of features Cross device When you decided on the idea, it is time to make a mockup. Take a pen and draw some sketches of a probable layout. Try to list features that your app will fulfill. Remember that you will need to explain the functionality of your app to a developer. So, it would be better for you to find some examples among similar applications.

Soon after your draft is ready, you should register as a developer. Don’t be afraid of this word. It does not mean at all that you will need to develop anything on your own. It is just a common name for a person, who supplies an app to the market.

Find a good programmer

This step is probably the most important one, since you need to find a person, who will perform the main job of your affair. By making a successful hire, you will avoid future misunderstanding, delays and additional costs. Take your time and search through the Internet, until you find the very same one.

Sign NDA before Sharing Your Idea

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a must-have if you share your unique ideas with external employees. Your ideas, source code and any other intellectual property should be protected.

Start Developing

Now everything depends on the programmer, who have selected and how well you will organize the process. Don’t forget to check performed work systematically and keep the situation under your constant control.

Test the App

This step is also crucial, as here you should find all possible mistakes in your app and correct them before running it live. However, you will not be able to look at your product and ask question, as a final consumer will. So, ask someone else to try the app. The more people you will engage, the more errors will be corrected and the better your app will be improved at early stages.

Introduce Your App to the Pumpic

It is the right time to post your product on App Store and Google Play. First, you will send it for review, so make sure that you have followed all requirements. If you are an individual, it will take you about 3-5 days; meanwhile the apps supplied by companies are reviewed within 7-10  days. Check out our mobile monitoring app reviews, in case of any additional assistance needed.

Promote You App

Hitting the market is only one side of the coin. If you want your product to make money, you should take care that as many people know more about it as possible. So do your best to think over and launch effective advertising campaign.