Powerful Mobile App for Effective Link Management

As a number of built links and link-partners increase, it becomes harder to manage them appropriately. That’s why your business requires reliable and convenient link management solution.

Professional Advice and Online Help for Link Management

We offer a multi-featured mobile app for link management. From now on, you will be able to keep your database organized. Collect all link information in one place and locate any of them easily with our powerful tool.

You can specify several parameters for every partner and each link, namely:

  • contact data;
  • payment details;
  • link type;

The information on your links is collected in readable form of a report. All you need to do is run our link management app and quickly find any data you need.

No extra skills or knowledge is required. The mobile app is easy-to-use and absolutely friendly to all users. It will put your links in order and relieve you from necessity to use more than one tool.